The A2Z of B2B Marketing will help you understand more about the marketing mechanics involved in running a successful lead generation programme.

Hundreds of Marketing Terms, Case Studies and Top Tips and their definitions designed to help you get the most from your lead generation activities.

the a2z of b2b marketing

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Learn how I increased sales by 110% in just 9 months for one lucky client

How To Guides

How To Do Content Marketing

It’s not that complicated, but it is time consuming, and you need some background information to help you plan your content marketing campaign.

How To Remove Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content is one of the big issues for anyone who creates content for their website. Here is how to go about removing duplicate content.

How To Write A Press Release

Having a well-written press release, and ultimately a series of them, will form the cornerstone of your PR campaign.


A little insight into the author
Let's be clear! David is a true pro marketer. One of the few people I've ever met who can make a difference. He is a great strategic thinker and also is he a focused and execution-driven dealmaker. A combination very rarely to be found.
Emmanuel Juhel

Emmanuel Juhel

Global Marketing Technology Manager at Plantronics

The thing I most appreciate about the best marketers, is their broader channel vision of what customers want, engage with and hence will buy. David, through combining his previous experience with an appreciation of the need to continually experiment in this fast moving online market, has an excellent depth of field and real delivery experience.
Ian McAllister

Ian McAllister


David spent some time helping me explore a range of marketing strategies. His knowledge is impressive, and he sticks to looking at the required outcomes - in other words, not just looking at all marketing methods, but focusing on the particular methods which are likely to bring the most profitable outcome for that client. I would thoroughly recommend you connect with him!
Jane Hatton

Jane Hatton

Director at Evenbreak


It's my blog, it's mainly about B2B marketing - plus other stuff that takes my fancy...

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Learn how I increased sales by 110% in just 9 months for one lucky client

A2Z Of B2B Marketing Top Tips

Hundreds of great tips on how to get the most out of your marketing

Elevator Pitch Top Tips

Elevator Pitch Top Tips Identify your audience Know what you want to achieve Benefits not features Communicate your USP Finish […]

Landing Pages Top Tips

Landing Pages Top Tips Here’s a simple checklist for making sure that you get the most out of your landing […]

Stock Images Top Tips

Stock Images Top Tips Always pay the licence fee, do not be tempted to download a stock image via Google […]

Writing Subject Lines Top Tips

Writing Subject Lines Top Tips Avoid any words that will trigger the SPAM filters – just Google ‘spam filter words […]

Email Benchmarking Top Tips

Email Benchmarking Top Tips For email marketing you should be looking at the following benchmarks. The only statistic that really […]

Website Benchmarking Top Tips

Website Benchmarking Top Tips You might also want to benchmark you website traffic. Typical numbers to focus on include:   […]