Hi, I’m David Long, and I have been helping companies to grow their revenues by developing and delivering marketing communications and demand generation strategies for over 3 decades.

I worked my way up through the corporate world, eventually running marketing teams across Europe for some of the biggest tech brands. For some crazy reason I thought it would be a good idea to set up a digital marketing agency with offices in the UK and Paris – we grew from 0 to 16 staff in 3 years so we must have done something right!

I now work with a portfolio of clients across a wide variety of sectors. The one thing they all have in common is that they want to grow their business. You can find out more about my work by following these links:

In 2001 I decided to turn my back on the corporate life, becoming a father changed my priorities and I wanted a happier work/life balance. In the years that followed I have been fortunate enough to work on a part-time basis with existing management teams within telecoms, technology and professional services markets. My passion is helping businesses to grow through developing and delivering strategic B2B lead generation programmes using multi-channel marketing.

I started using digital marketing way back around 1995 when I started to combine print direct mail with custom landing pages for a campaign for Siemens Nixdorf. Oh how I wish I had realised back then that this was not what everyone else was doing!

Ever since that first foray into digital marketing I have been focussed with putting websites at the heart of a multi-channel marketing campaign, creating awareness, encouraging interest, converting that interest in desire and then turning that want into an actionable sales funnel.

This lead generation model has driven huge increases in sales for many of my clients. It can do the same for your business too. The information contained within this website, and the How To Guides etc will help you to drive your business forward. I have attempted to breakdown the model into simple terms and phrases that anyone can understand and learn from. I know from the many small companies that I work with, that marketing resource is at a premium, if available at all, so I want to help as many non-marketers as possible to succeed in running successful lead generation programmes.

If you have any questions, simply add a comment at the bottom of any of the definitions. Alternatively, you can connect with me via social media, for example @DavidLongTweets. Just use the links at the bottom of every page to connect. I am also available for 1-1 consultancy sessions where we can take a look at your companies activities and develop a growth plan. Just use the Contact form to get in touch.