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Avatar Version 1 – An avatar is the graphical representation of a product, brand or person within a social media […]


Autoresponder An autoresponder is an automated email campaign that can be triggered by the recipient. These triggered responses can be […]


API API stands for Application Programming Interface. In essence, it’s the geeky stuff that enables different software programmes from different […]

Anchor Text

Anchor text A term beloved by SEO practitioners and web developers. A piece of anchor text is displayed on a […]


Analytics Google Analytics is a web-service designed to provide you with all the data you need to know about how […]

Ambient Media

Ambient media Ambient media refers to placing advertising in unusual places or on unusual items. The backs of petrol pumps […]


Affiliates Affiliate marketing is primarily a B2C opportunity. Publishers of websites will sign up to an affiliate network, and apply […]


Adsense Google Adsense is the other half of the Google Adwords platform. When running a Google Adwords campaign, you can choose […]


Adwords Google Adwords is the biggest performance based advertising platform on the market. Other search engines such as Bing have […]


Advertorial This is a form of paid for advertising, that is displayed in a publication in the form of an […]


Advertising is any content, text or imagery, that you pay to be displayed. Advertising can be printed within magazines, periodicals […]


Accordion An accordion is a web developer phrase that describes the method of displaying connected content in layers one part of […]

A/B Testing

A/B Testing A/B Testing is also known as Split Testing. When running a direct marketing campaign, or online advertising campaign, […]


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Boilerplate The boilerplate is the standard section of text that usually appears at the bottom of a press release, for example, […]

Body copy

Body copy Body copy is the main text in a brochure, website, advert or any other form of marketing collateral. […]


Blog A blog is a section of a website, or it can be a whole website of it’s own, that […]


Benchmark Good marketing can only become great marketing, if it’s measured. But for those measurements to make any sense, you […]

Below The Line

Below The Line This denotes the areas of marketing expenditure that does not include advertising across mass media. Direct marketing, […]

Banner Ad

Banner Ad A catch-all phrase that relates to an online advertising format. Online adverts can be many shapes and sizes. A banner […]


B2B Abbreviation of Business to Business – the marketing of products and services to a business that will use them in the […]


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CTR Click Through Rate

CTR – Click Through Rate The CTR Click Through Rate is the measurement of clicks to views that an advert […]

Content Marketing

Content marketing - The activity of creating written, video or visual messaging, to be read and shared by your target audience.

Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate A click is a measure of a physical reaction by a reader / viewer of content. It […]


Churn The measurement of the rate of loss within a customer base. This statistic is vitally important to any business […]


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Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content Duplicate Content is one of the big issues for anyone who creates content for their website. It is […]

Demographic Targeting

Demographic Targeting Demographic targeting is the use of specific data to reach a target audience. In the digital age, demographic […]


DNS is also known as Domain Name System (also Server or Setting). This is the software protocol that manages the web […]


Deduping or deduplication  is the process of comparing sets of data within two or more sales and marketing databases. The […]