What makes a great landing page

What makes a great landing page is very simple, but sadly rarely practiced. There are lots of blog posts out there titled something like: “12 amazing landing pages for 2018” but they rarely take a deep look at what makes a great landing page.

For the purpose of this blog I have taken just one example that impressed me recently. I was so impressed I was inspired to write this blog post!

This B2B landing page came to my attention via a banner ad placed in a weekly email newsletter. The headline and call to action intrigued me enough to click on the link.

The Landing Page

This was the page that I landed on.

what makes a great landing page

The page is a standard design. It has the logo top left balanced out with a Call To Action (CTA) button on the right. This CTA is inviting the visitor to skip the whole process and just request a software demo.

Below the logo is the headline, this is exactly the same as the banner ad that I clicked on. The headline sits on a graphic that was also in the banner ad, the graphic style is repeated in the ‘cover’ of the guide as well. Your eye is drawn from the headline, via the graphic straight to the form. Salesforce are quite bold in asking me to give up 8 pieces of information before I click on Submit. Actually, I can’t click on Submit because the button is neatly labeled ‘Get Your Free Guide’ – simple and effective in reminding me what I’m going to get in exchange for those magical bits of information about me.

Just in case I need a little persuasion, the body copy of the landing page explains succinctly why I should be requesting this guide. Just in case I’m still in doubt, there isa picture of the guide, along with 4 bullet points telling me what I’m going to learn once I have downloaded the guide. The whole purpose of this section is to make sure that the hard earned click through isn’t wasted, and that I self-qualify as someone interested in lead generation and specifically how this service could help me.

The Thank You Page

This is one of the best Thank You pages that I’ve seen in a long time. The headline, the graphic and the content in the left column all remain the same. The invite in the top right for a requesting a demo is also still there. The call out box on the right has changed. There is the normal Thank You message explaining what will happen next. And most importantly, links to three more useful resources. Each of these pieces of content takes the conversation one step further, provides me the reader with more valuable information about how to do my job, and of course, the links will be tracked so that the Salesforce Pardot marketing team can build a better profile of exactly what I’m looking for in terms of a lead generation / marketing automation platform.


what makes a great landing page 2


The Thank You Email

Almost immediately I received a Thank You email, complete with the link to the free guide / E-book (interesting spelling usage here!). What I like about this email is the repetition of the graphics and the copy from the landing page – no need to reinvent the wheel. The real purpose of this email however, is to encourage me to try the software by clicking on the ‘Take Pardot For A Spin’ button.

what makes a great landing page


The Lead Generation team at Salesforce Pardot have kept things simple, and consistent across all the communication tools: the banner ad, the landing page, the thank you page, the E-book itself and the Thank You email. At each stage they have offered more than one choice to the reader, but the main choice has always been obvious and at the right stage of the process they have introduced further options. The additional choices keep me engaged on the website, further my knowledge of the service offering and to further their knowledge of my needs and interests.

This example from Salesforce Pardot demonstrates what makes a great landing page – simplicity teamed up with consistency and clarity.

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